CV English

Paulo Jorge da Silva e Sousa Matos dos Santos

August 2009


– 40 years old, Ph.D. Student, MBA, Mechanical Engineer,  fluent in English, knowledge of French, Spanish and German.

– Experience on automotive Industry, Telecommunications, Computer Systems and pharmaceuticaldistribution.

– Experience as trainer, programmer, business analyst and team leadership of teams between 3 and 22 persons.

– Work on project management, systems integration, functional analysis, cost reduction, quality, activity control, sales.

– Knowledge of technologies: Linux, Server Management Web, SAP, CRM, Document Management, Data warehouse, among others.

Professional experience

From December 2007 to December 2008

Teleperformance has 4 call centres in Portugal with more than 1300 employees.

Process Management and Optimization

  • Process identification, improvements identification and collaboration on changes introduction.
  • Creation of a new Change Management system to Vodafone reducing by 50% the time spent on this task.
  • Extraction and statistical analysis from the data about 13 millions call attempts from Altitude usingPentaho Data Integration.
  • Analysis of the call centre operators learning curve for the credit card sales and debt collections teams.
  • Implementation of a document management tool.
  • Analysis of the process of supervisors payments calculation.
  • Identification of bottlenecks at voice central.
  • Hourly and daily calculation of answered calls and average speed of answer by campaign.

From April 2007 to November 2007

T.I. – Tecnologias de Informação

Head of Technical Support Department

Coordination of a team with team of 20 technical support engineers. The department was responsible for demonstrating the product, give training, install the software and hardware and configure the ArtSoft program at clients installations.

  • Optimization of the process of fulfilling the timesheets, for work carried out at customers premises.
  • Provide performance metrics.
  • Support to the internal implementation of the Service Management module.
  • Close follow-up of hot issues.

Since August 2005 / – Web Hosting services, web page and database creation

Around 250 clients and 5 servers.

April  2008 – Creation of the web page from the soccer school of Carlos Queiróz.

February 2008 – Constitution of the enterprise 1000 megabytes sociedade unipessoal.

imah From October 2002 to July 2005

ANF – Associação Nacional de Farmácias – Head of Administrative Service

Responsibility over 7 persons that do the control of pharmacies associates, changes of pharmacies ownership, monthly payments to pharmacies and all the correspondence.

  • Changes in the treatment of medical prescriptions with a monthly saving of 50 working hours.
  • Change in the processing of returned medical prescriptions eliminating monthly 2000 paper cards and 20 work hours.
  • Development of a Document Management system to treat all the letters and register the internal distribution.
  • Saving of more than 50 000 pages of paper with an automatic numbering system for outgoing mai.

siemens.jpg (1390 bytes) From October 1999 until March 2002

From April 2001 to March 2002

Business Unit SBS – Siemens Business Service, Department ITS – Information Technology Services

Helpdesk manager (Call Centre; Field Service Technicians, Procurement; Machine Installation).

Coordination of a team with 22 persons that gives support to around 2 000 users in Alfragide, Charneca, Porto, Corroios and Sabugo.

Improvement of the service level from 60% to 96% fulfilling the agreed serviced levels. Reduction of average resolution time from 30 hours to 6,7. Remote resolution of almost 50% of the requests.

From October 1999 to April 2001

Central Area Organização e Estratégia Informática

B.T.A. – Business Technical Advisor for service areas

Areas: Electro medicine, House Appliances, IC (Phone Centrals, mobile phones), SBS-ITS (PC’s, servers and POS) and SI (Industrial Maintenance).

  • Identification and design of processes, proposals of process improvement, IT change requests system.
  • Management of Siemens manage the voice infrastructure and negotiation of telco rates.
  • Coordination of the requisites analysis and computer systems implementation in the Services Business Units with emphasis on SAP.
  • Support to Business Units on the analysis and definition of requisites of IT projects.
  • Participation on a project to do the reconition of hand written forms using ICR technologies.
  • Coordination during 6 months of the work of Web masters and of Siemens Intranet structure.
  • Support to the implementation of maintenance and support contracts in SAP.
  • Support and negotiation of a document management system for the Quality Management System. Representative of quality management.

TMN From April 1997 to September 1999

Systems Integration team on Information System department

  • Support on the choice of supplier of the workflow system. Ultimus was select, first with Eurociber as SI and afterwards with Novabase.
  • Support in the choice of the supplier and support to the implementation of the Data Warehouse project. Microstrategy and Novabase.
  • Revision of the of billing quality control.
  • Support on the choice of the supplier of the scanning of 4 million documents.
  • Requisites analysis, market analysis, consultation, proposal analysis and support to the implementation of a system to treat returned letters.
  • Technical advisor on the choice of the Supplier of Call Centre system.
  • Identification of more than 70 interfaces with a new billing system in TMN.
  • Identification and maintenance of the main indicators and maps produced at TMN.
  • Consolidation of investment and operational budgets at department level.
  • Documentation of department internal procedures.
  • Participation in the team to redefine and improve TMN internal procedures.

AutoEuropa From August 1995 to April 1997

Multi-disciplinary team of product cost reduction at Volkswagen/Ford – Palmela

  • Coordination and continuous improvement of all the support work needed to register and track new ideas. Prepare presentations, support to project management. Creation and update of Performance Indicators.
  • Creation of a ideas management system, for the optimization of the production costs of vehicles. The system had 25 users, managed a database of 1100 ideas, and controlled a budget of 10 million euro.
  • Organization of 28 value analysis “workshops” and 7 competitive analysis “workshops” with an annual budget of around 250 000 euros.
  • Department responsible for the ISO 9000.

CNS From April to July 1995

Hypermedia Editorial Coordinator

From 1992 to 1995

Trainer and Teacher in 34 trainings on computer systems in 14 different places. Creation of 18 manuals.

Militar service. In 1993 organization of a course of training of trainers on computer aided design (390 hours) at Galileu.

From 1988 to 1992 ( During Engineer degree)

Laboratório de Tecnologias de Informação, Engª. Mecânica, I.S.T.

Support to computer users